Who else wish to know: How to DIY make a moss background in aquarium?

Making a moss background in your aquarium may seem daunting at first, but this isn’t the case anymore after you’ve read this guide!

You can use a very simple techinque to create a DIY backdrop with aquatic moss for your aquarium. Anything you need you can buy at your local shops so no need to spend lots of money or anything like that! Below you’ll find a list of everything you need and after that we’ll dive deep into you you can make a DIY moss background for in your aquarium.

Here’s the list with what you need:

* Plastic Mesh

* Scissors

* Suction Cups

* Tying Wire

* Aquatic Moss

Things like plastic mesh seem like difficult to get, but those are commonly available in most hardware stores and larger supermarkets. If you can’t find it, you can always ask someone who works there cause more often than not, they have what you need!

Most of the time they use plastic mesh for keeping mosquitoes (and other insects) out of your house, but today we’re going to use it to make a DIY moss background for in your aquarium. If you can choose from different colors and sizes of meshes, go fo the one that is 7 mm to 8 mm in size and black. This will do nicely with the backdrop.

Step 1

Cut your plastic mesh to 2 times the size of the tank that you want to moss background for. 

Step 2

Fold the mesh in half and stuff the moss in-between. After that you should go and cut some holes on the perimeter of the mesh. You do this to make room for the suction cups we are going to use later. 

Important to know is if you need one or two holes for the suction cups. If you have a small tank, you may get away with going for one suction cup (if you have a small 1 ft tank like me). Otherwise it might be smart to go for more holes and more suction cups.

Step 3

After you’ve done the above steps, it is time to grab a large quantity of moss, open up the mesh and spread the moss out evenly over the mesh. 

Try to cover as much as you can and do not leave any space uncovered. You do this because otherwise you might have gaps in your mess when everything is done and your moss starts to grow out.

Step 4

When you’ve sprinkled the moss everywhere, you can fold back the other half of of the mesh and tie up the 2 halves together. You can use the tying wire I mentioned in the “what do you need” section to tie it up. 

If you don’t have any lying around, you can also use fishing line or nylon thread to tie up the 2 halves together. 

Step 5

Now it is time to insert the mess. You should go and implement the mesh to the back panel of your tank. This can be tricky, but try to leave almost no room between the back panel and your mesh. You don’t want small fish to get behind the mesh and get stuck between the panel and your moss background.

A great way to also prevent small fish from getting stuck, is cutting a little more mesh than originally needed. This way you can tuck a little bit of the mesh into the substrate and so small fish can’t go there.

Step 6

Wait for the moss to grow out and enjoy the amazing view you just created!

I’m proud of you! Great job! You now have created your own DIY moss background for in your aquarium! When the moss starts to grow you should have an amazing view, and your fish will thank you for it!