How to plant and grow java moss?

It can be frustrating for a lot of beginners when they first get the idea of planting and growing java moss. Most of the times they don’t know where to begin and it can be hard to find a step by step guide on the internet for this particular subject. To plant and grow java moss you need to right tools, and technique. This will help you to make a good start and this is turn will help you grow your wall or java moss tank well!

Luckily there’s a simple technique that you can use to secure plants like Moss, Riccia, and Pellia to wood, rock and wire mesh for example. Most of the things you need to do this are readily available and the steps you’ll find below will help and show you how to make exactly what you want with little to no effort.

Below you’ll find a list of everything you need to plant and grow your java moss well:

* 1 tub of mini Riccia, Moss or Pellia
* Stainless steel wire mesh of any size.
* Tweezer
* A pair of scissors for cutting net and string in the setup later
* Clear nylon or fish thread to tie the plant

Step 1

Now that you have everything to get started, you can go ahead and cut the net. Cut the net bigger than the wire mesh you’re using.

Step 2

Use the tweezers to pick op some Riccia and lay it on the wire mesh. You don’t need a lot of it. A thin layer is more than enough. Leave some space between the small clumps of Ruccia.

You keep a little space between because the rest of the space will be covered with the Moss or Riccia in the next few weeks when it starts growing!

Step 3

Now get the net and lay it over the mini Riccia or Moss.

Step 4

Hold the net with the wire mesh and flip it over. After you’ve done that you should fold the net inwards and make it so that you can tie it later. You’ll do this at a later step.

Step 5

Grab the clear nylon or fish thread we talked about in the requirements section and secure the net at one corner of the wire mesh with the fishing thread or clear nylon. 

After you’ve done that you should use the thread or clear nylon to go around the wire mesh and secure the wire mesh and the net all the way. Make sure you make secure knots so that all is well tightened.

Done, done, and done

Now that you’ve succesfully did step 5, you’re done! You can repeat the process of you would like to make more with the wire mesh you still have left.

If not, or if you’re done, you can go and put the wire mesh into the aquarium. It is great to go a carpet style for your shrimp for example. 

The most important thing you need to know after all this, is that you should not block the plants from the light. the plants need to lights to grow and give you the results you want!