There are books written about it, there are countless pages about the subject and it is getting better knows by aquarists by the day. What am I talking about, you ask? Aquascaping! Since Takashi Amano came out with his books, there opened up a whole new world and it goes from aquatic art to a simple gathering of aquatic plants.

This article is based on my opinion and also on my experiences. I know it is always a matter of taste and what you find beautiful, I can find hideous and vice versa. That doesn’t mean that we can all learn from each other! Some people love those Japanese aquascapes but might be overwhelmed and think that something like that isn’t for them to achieve. It is not a question of whether or not you can achieve it. If you really want to, do your research and select the right plants, you can create the most beautiful settings.

I hope this guide will give you the confidence to just start. It isn’t about being the best or making something that you know everyone else will be in awe of. Make something that you like, that you find fantastic, and you’ll see that you will grow in your ability to create wonderful things!

I myself started with copying some of Amano’s work. I wanted to learn from who I found was the best (and from someone who made the style that I liked). Soon I learned this was harder than I thought because the man had what I call a huge talent. But, that didn’t scare me. It made me try harder and slowly but surely more and more of my own taste came into my style and I created beautiful things.

When you start with copying someone else you will automatically use the right plants, the right stones, and the right setting. This practice will not only give you lots of experience, but it will also give you the innate feeling of what works and what doesn’t work. With time, you’ll develop your own style and someone will try to copy you!

After that you’ll start with new setups and your thinking about landscaping will change. Again, everyone does find something else beautiful, so go for things that you like and make yourself better in your style. In Nature Aquarium, plants and fishes are the centerpieces of the tank. They make it so that the best conditions are met for the plants and your fish to grow well and be healthy.

Keep practicing. Learn everything there is about creating beautiful aquatic landscapes, learn about nutrients and all that stuff. Make it an obsession and I just know that you will get better at it! Have you made a beautiful aquatic landscape? Please send me an email with a photo! I would love to put you on the site and give other readers some food for thought and some inspiration!